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jan 11: Auditorium Parca Della Musica

Rome, Italy

jan 12: ObiHall

Florence, Italy

jan 14: Fabrique

Milan, Italy

jan 15: GranTeatro Geox

Padova, Italy

jan 17: Kongresshaus

Zürich, Switzerland

jan 19: Kesselhaus

Munich, Germany

jan 20: Palladium

Cologne, Germany

jan 23: Shepherd’s Bush Empire

London, UK

jan 24: Le Trianon

Paris, France

jan 26: Jahrhunderthalle

Frankfurt, Germany

jan 28: Stadthalle D

Vienna, Austria

jan 30: Palazzetto Fevi

Locarno, Switzerland

feb 13: Prime Hall

Minsk, Russia

feb 14: Barvikha Hall

Moscow, Russia

apr 24: Horncastle Arena

Christchurch, New Zealand

apr 26: ASB Theatre

Auckland, New Zealand

apr 29: The Star Event Centre

Sydney, Australia

may 01: Win Entertainment Centre

Wollongong, Australia

may 02: Jupiters Theatre

Broadbeach, Australia

may 05: Wrest Point Entertainment Centre

Hobart, Australia

may 07: Palais Theatre

Melbourne, Australia

may 08: Festival Theatre

Adelaide, Australia

may 10: Concert Hall

Perth, Australia

London & Paris Resurrection

Monday 26 thHave your say?

I am just back from an amazing couple of days attending the London and Paris concerts on Friday and Saturday so although there are a couple of pictures here I will be uploading more media throughout the following days!

She was absolutely amazing on both days, here’s a short account from my perspective for both days.

Loose Women

Friday midday Anastacia was interview on Loose Women, within the interview she mentioned that she is working on more UK dates. You can check the interview on our facebook page.

London Resurrection Concert

Anastacia sounded and looked absolutely stunning as usual. Below are a couple of images and we are working on uploading videos to our Youtube page so keep checking back!

1 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection 2 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection 3 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection 4 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection 5 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection 6 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection 7 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection 8 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection


Paris Resurrection Concert

Again, she sounded amazing, and was so funny! She sang a bit of Heavy on my Heart in french and did a very emotional version of Stay in which she couldn’t finish the last note as she broke down but was very true and honest about it.

Here are some photos of her arriving at the venue:

IMG 1050 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection IMG 1051 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection IMG 1052 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection IMG 1053 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection IMG 1054 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection IMG 1055 150x150 London & Paris Resurrection

You can check some videos here:


Resurrection 2015 has begun!

Wednesday 21 stHave your say?

ae resurrection Resurrection 2015 has begun!

Anastacia is 7 dates into the 2015 Resurrection Tour! Check out some photos below

20150115 Resurrection Tour – Gran Teatro Geox

20150114 Resurrection Tour – Fabrique Milano

20150112 Ressurection Tour – Obihall

20150111 Resurrection Tour – Auditorium Parco

Also Anastacia had a Barbie made of her for Charity Check some photos here.

Anastacia on LifeNews

Sunday 7 thHave your say?

Heres a couple of photos from Anastacia being interviewed by LifeNews in Russia yesterday morning ahead of her performance yesterday evening. 

B4L2yxoIUAE o1  150x150 Anastacia on LifeNews B4Mw7b IQAEiD2G 150x150 Anastacia on LifeNews 10817530 821759857867169 1362034299 n 150x150 Anastacia on LifeNews 923868 333619526832828 1687657480 n 150x150 Anastacia on LifeNews

Thanks to the original posters @InstaGosDura & @ilya_koryakin

We have some photos of her appearance on the red carpet coming later today so keep checking back!


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